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About Ceerenet

Ceeplat Realtor Network is the marketing department of CeeplatProfile Ltd, with over 1000 registered Realtors across the globe. It is a network platform for effective marketing, follow up and the sales of the company’s properties.

It is a platform that gives every member an identity, office, and the right to market our properties and also the opportunity to become a billionaires through our percentage share profits and material incentives.

It is a platform for technical growth, business development and financial growth for its members.

A platform of love, care and communication among members through our Realtors training programmes, and a whatsApp group that connects every member world-wide.

Why Join Us

Ceerenet offers you a world of potential. We invest in our consultants to develop and achieve their sales and personal goals

Zero Entry Barrier

Become a real estate consultant with zero barrier to entry i.e no startup capital or prior real estate

Training and Development

Get periodic training and become an expert in marketing and sales

High Commission Percentage

Qualify to benefit from our high conpensation plan by making a sale

Real Estate Portfolio

Get access to new real estate projects and developments

Enticing Incentives

Win exciting rewards such as all-expense-paid trips, land and home appliances etc

Fast Payout

Get your commissions within 24 hours after a sale is made

15% Sales Commission

Amazing Incentives


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Dear Esteemed Ceeplat Realtors,

It is with great delight and excitement that we welcome you into Ceeplatprofile Ltd otherwise known as your investment house’ where billionaires are made through our real estate marketing network.

In our quest to serve you well, and also as part of our commitment towards attaining the premier possible standard in the real estate sector world-wide, the management hereby introduce to you; The Ceeplat Realtors Network Policy (guidelines)

We admonish all our Realtors to read through the items contained in this policy, to be informed and to ensure absolute compliance in order to harness a profitable and enviable relationship amongst all the Realtors under our network thereby building a great company with great Realtors.


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No Realtor should MISREPRESENT the company or misinform his or her client. If you are not sure of any information, please ask question on the group whatsapp or call the customer care Lagos-09084823980 Asaba- 08121229438 Enugu- 07083600327

Ceeplatprofile Ltd will not be liable for any illegal involvement by any Realtor using our company I.D card.

NO LOADING, NO SHORT FALL (Realtors MUST sell at Company’s price)

CAUSION ON CASH COLLECTION (Realtors are not allowed to collect cash rather should encourage their clients to pay directly into CEEPLATPROFILE’S designated accounts)

  • If your client wants to pay with cheque, the cheque should be written in favour of Ceeplatprofile ltd.
  • Cheques should be paid into Ceeplatprofile designated account immediately after collection (Documents and receipts are issued only after cheque has cleared)
  • No Realtor should conduct him/herself dishonestly.
  • Any Realtor or group of Realtors who are found conspiring to impersonate client ownership on sales, in order to manipulate commission will face a penalty by forfeiting their due commission of that sales respectively or be suspended from being our Realtor for life.
  • Encourage your clients to strictly adhere to their selected payment plans.

  • Realtors must contact our area office in charge of the estate of your client interest for every Inspection. In case you want to take your client there by yourself, get the consent of the area office manager for record purposes.
  • ALL CEEPLATPROFILE CONSULTANT that have received their sales commission, or won any of the Realtors Incentives (which include Regular, Quarterly or the Annual
    Ambassadorial Incentives or any other incentives ), in this regard, the Consultant(Realtor) agreed to the use of Pictures, Videos and any other media coverage taken during, after or at any point in time the incentives are presented, for advert on the company’s(Ceeplatprofile Ltd) website/s, Local, National and International Radio and TV stations and any other advertising networks or platforms (both traditional advertising
    and any form of digital advertising )that the company deed it fit to promote the company(Ceeplatprofile Ltd) and its products and services has long as the company wants.
  • NOTE: Any consultant(Realtor) who disagree to the in Number 13 above forfeit all company incentives.

Manipulation of consultant commission is a big offence and not allowed in our organization.

NOTE: commission payment can only be delayed for more than a day base on the following factors; (a) Bank network problem (b) Payments made late hour on Fridays. (c) Late submission of client subscription form)

Snatching of a fellow Realtor’s client or success line is highly prohibited and offenders will be disqualified from being a Ceerenet Realtor.

AT CEEPLATPROFILE LTD, we are ever prepared to pay out commission to deserving consultants without delay, not more than 24 hours after payment is confirmed and the subscription form is submitted to the office.

All Ceeplat Realtors are expected to visit our office in their respective stations to acquaint themselves with the staff in the office thereby enhancing profitable corporation and team spirit in promoting the business within the environs- Lagos office, Asaba office, Enugu office and others in view.

All ceeplat Realtors should note: Our official whatsapp group is only meant for the dissemination of Ceeplatprofile/Realtors real estate information and other related matters. NOTE: Politics, religion, personal/other company adverts etc are not allowed in our whatsapp group. Contraveners will be remove without delay.

…together we shall achieve it


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